Saturday, October 2, 2010

Electric Roti Maker Reviews

Most of rotimakers are ok not that great, but the puris come out great. Contributor:Sree Chandana, Hasita.

I was using this roti maker and it was very useful for me. Chapati comes out really good without oil and even used to puff good.and even my mom is using it since one year and is useful verymuch. But dough must be a little loose.I do not know about everybody else but it worked for me very well, chapathis puff like puris. We can try they show the demo and watch it carefully so that you will know the consistency of dough it should be. Contributor:Santhi

I use the rotimaker same as santhi's which is "VIJAY ROTI MAKER". It works best for me. The main thing is the consistency of the dough like Santhi mentioned. She attended the demo so she showed me how to mix that and everything else works great for me. They even puff out like puris. Contributor:Vidya


sam said...

Hi I have just bought a roti maker but am having difficulties getting the mix right, I have only managed to get it to properly puff once out of about 15 times. I can not figure out what the correct mix is - can you suggest - how did you figure out the optimum mix. What have you learnt from using it as it all comes from experiance which it seems you have got right from your post. Thank you

sam said...

By the way I forgot to mention I was scepticle that this work but in all honesty if you can get the mix right these are brilliant and would recommend

Fan said...

The making of this product is done in a unique way, so the handling is effortless. The plates, knobs as well as the pressing handles are made with special care to let loose the effort of the users. With the purchase of roti maker users can ignore the long time standing before the gas stove for preparing roti. By following simple steps, users can avoid the usual proceedings such as rolling of dough, pressing it tightly on the plate so on for making roti and chapati. The users can make thin and soft rotis within minutes by using this roti maker machine. Users have to simply place the dough in the center of the lower plate of this device.

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Aarav sinha said...

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aman said...
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aman said...

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